Almandal Completed

3 August 2023

Picture of finished almandal assembled in workshop
Picture of finished almandal assembled in workshop

This week we were delighted to receive the finished Almandal, which has been crafted to the highest standard by Shay Shani of Beckingham Designs.

Beckingham Designs - Cabinet Makers - Bespoke & Handmade Furniture - Kitchens

We have already featured the research behind this object in our video and its description at YouTube:

The Holy Almandal | Byrga Geniht

James D. Wenn's cutting-edge reconstruction aims to explore and explain on the one hand how the handling of geometry and philosophy in monuments such as the Cosmati Pavement and St Mary, Lulworth, directly connects with the Almandal tradition within religious and philosophical orthodoxy; whilst the Almandal itself gained traction but was misunderstood enough to spawn a long and intense, yet highly confused genre of literature.