12 October 2023

More people should visit the beach in winter. Our consultant, James D. Wenn cannot go out in strong sunlight, but once the sun goes away for the autumn, that's the perfect time for us to go exploring.

Seawick Beach, near St. Osyth in Essex blurs the line between the natural and artificial, as a strange assortment of jetsam sits among brightly coloured flint shingle, and samphire in the marshes behind the dunes turns shocking pink for autumn.

It was the perfect place to research for our plans for the Temple design we are proposing for Sacred Stones. In a county that frays into the chaos of the sea, how do you spot evidence of the work of human beings? Pattern and regularity provide an answer, although some of the manmade objects here still throw up questions of age - 20 years old, or 2000?